Delhi confidential: Polls Apart

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Amid the hectic campaigning in West Bengal, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury made a dash to Delhi on Friday to chair a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee. On the agenda was finalisation of the centennial celebrations of the PAC and consideration and adoption of the some draft reports. In Delhi, Chowdhury interestingly had a meeting with Railway Board Chairman Suneet Sharma. He invited Sharma to his residence to raise some railway projects related to his constituency and district which had been hanging fire for many years. With elections underway in his state, Chowdhury, who is the president of the Bengal Congress, knows well that every move is worth making.

Blocked, Unblocked

IIT-DELHI director Ramgopal Rao is one of the few heads of centrally-run higher education institutions, who is pretty active on social media. Last week, Facebook blocked him from using his account for 48 hours on the grounds that he was spreading misinformation about Covid-19. Interestingly, the post which prompted this action had nothing to do with the pandemic or the virus. Rao, in his post, had shared the importance of protecting intellectual property through patents. Apparently, the Facebook algorithm read patents as patients. The social media platform restored Rao’s access once the error was discovered.

Local Connect

INDIAN HIGH Commissioner to Bangladesh Vikram Doraiswami has, in a very short period of time, been very active in Dhaka’s social and political circles. Although he went during the the pandemic period to take charge as the Indian envoy, he has been reaching out to all sections of society. He has even picked up a little bit of Bangla and has been trying to use his language skills to connect with the people there.

The post Delhi confidential: Polls Apart appeared first on NewsBlogging.


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